Any Road

any road you take to Scotland is a road that takes you home;

after the long days of wandering have all been shown;

place my cares into a bundle, place my heart where it belongs;

and I'll always be faithful to your song;

any road that takes you under; any road that makes you run;

any road that makes you wonder if you're feeling undone;

any road that brings you closer to the things you love and hold;

is the road that shines like diamonds and is paved with gold;

any road you take from Scotland is a road on which you shall return;

there's always a way around the bridges that we burn;

and we might take some comfort, knowing we have ventured out;

and left nothing to chance, or to doubt;

any road that makes you smile,

any road that makes you tall;

any road that takes a while, any road at all;

is a road better taken, by those who keep their faith;

and know that where they're going is where they started off in the first place;