Bainbridge County

lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2011 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.


there's a heavy stone medallion hanging 'round my neck;

and it weighs me down most of my days;

and it helps me remember those I cannot help;

for I am as troubled as they;

in the days of war and thunder I thought I had seen;

all the harm that could come to a man;

until I saw the scourge of the heartland and my kin;

I thought I was in another land;

there's a firestorm burning down in Bainbridge County

and we're all leaving our homes;

back to the mountains and the river's fulsome bounty;

I call this freedom, leave well enough alone;

back when I was young I was boastful in myself

and I took on all comers by and by;

then there came a day when I stood all alone;

just me and my foolish pride;

the seasons turn over and the tides they turn;

and the way ahead gets clearer every day;

when I think that I am lucky and walking in the light;

I'll remember those whom the darkness stole away

alone since my days began to begin;

few and far between comforts now and then;

but I'll lend a shoulder to you my friend;

to keep you standing through the howling wind;