Bonnie Day To Thee
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2009 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

when I made my life plan I did not understand thereís always other things on the horizon;
to get in the way of everything I do today, black smoke and trouble rising;
my best laid plans should never be greater than the sum total of my doubt;
in my darkest gloom I discovered new rooms, rooms that I now canít live without;

pray a bonnie day to thee just you wait and see things are better seen in the morning;
when the night has passed beyond the shadow that's been cast,  youíll see that it was just a false warnin';

pray a bonnie day to thee;

and I know about my pride how it always there inside, waiting for a chance to come calling;
it can save me some of the time but other times itĎs a lie, rearing itís ugly head and forestalling;
everything I got to give and the days Iíve left to live let go of all my control;
so I might be around to when you run aground and help you out of this hole;

the rain clouds might be just what I need that I may later see the sun aíshining;
and maybe why Iím here is to ease your fears and bring to an end all your cryin;
guess weíll just have to wait and see;