Broken Dreams

lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2009 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

When she finally got to the city there was a light snow from above

May you always be young

Not sure where she’s going just don’t wanna be where she’s from

feeling like this might be the one

Oh spirits and Guiding Lights she prays will lead

into another cool situation one she’s never yet foreseen;

There’s shooting stars and welcome mats but the red carpet leads

Into the City of broken dreams;

Now a different day and a different voice calls her from inside

May its will be done

Tarot cards and crystal balls looking for a sign

Feels like her time is come

always taking new roads to see where they lead,

maybe another bad situation one that she doesn’t need

The bandwagon’s leaving but the cart is in the lead;

All roads lead to the city of broken dreams

And she wonders “could my guiding star have taken me this far

just to flicker out on me?

I don’t know where I’m going to don’t know where I oughta be

I wish I could just stay sixteen

instead of chasing these broken dreams