Capture My Soul
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 R.P. Crawford; all right reserved.

come and hear my hard luck stories from days gone by;

memories that remind me of a time when I held my head up high;    

sordid and shameless, thereís no need to apologize;

a couple of curious creatures sometimes known to others as you and I;

found some pictures from an old county fair;

didnít capture your soul, but I thought you would be there;

lately I seem to feel you everywhere;                          

you captured my soul like a beautiful nightmare;

all inclusive sets a mood by which I might define;

all things I hold dearly, all that I have to remember you by;

lonely and loathsome, silently I pray that you might not decline;

those who came before you prepared me well to love you for the rest of my life;

choose another path if you feel you must, but heaven donít forsake us;

I will be what you need me to be;

give to me whatever you can and  Iíll try my best to understand;

Iíll love you forever if youíll give one moment to me;