lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2009 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.


Let me entertain you for a while;

Let me do something silly to make you smile;

Seems like forever since you’ve been here;

Won’t ya stay a while I will bring you good cheer;

I’ve got some new pictures won’t you have a look;

Let me hear all about your brand new book;

I’ll put on the teapot you ink your pen;

I want to hear your stories all over again;

And the love you send, my dear friend sublime;

Will always mend, the loneliest of times

A hand to lend, and a promise to confide

That always and forever I shall be here at your side;

Let me make a toast I’ll fill your glass

For all the times to come and all those past;

Celebrate our tomorrows in the shade

Celebrating the friendship we have made;