like golden ages there was singing in the night;

there was stark raving beauty and hearts were alight;

enter here wide open and nothing to conceal; all shall be revealed;

guiding brilliance, a harbinger ahead;

received to this haven to which you are led;

creature comforts shed from view; all that is left is you;

and there's no lock upon these gates;

here you may thrive and keep what you make;

in this haven we dream and create;

you are welcome in this place;

here at the summit of your hard-earned road;

lay down your cares and loosen your load;

enter the luster and take your reward; strike a vibrant chord;

and there's no walls around this place;

here you may grow and set your own pace;

in this haven where we embrace; we accept you in grace;

why hold on dearly to your fear and your pride?

when we offer you comfort and a haven inside?

and we burn our welcome fires through the night