lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

when the sun begins to set, our fires we burn low;

just enough to warm our hearts within its’ welcome glow;
we all gather ‘round to hear the many tales;

passed down from tongue to ear like winds guiding a sail;

may we go on year to year, in our welcome monotony;

forsaking the many for the few has blessed me with you;

when the rain begins to fall, to our shelters we will go;

the thunder awakes the darkened skies and the swelling rivers flow;

together we take heart in this place that we call home;

amidst our huddled families a hearth carved in stone;

and I sometimes think I hear, a hidden symphony;

sounding through the shadows where I sleep, playing just for me;

take comfort in the welcoming sunset of our lives lest we forget;
that other days to wander may arrive there’s no need to wander yet;
the heart and hearth will stand the test of time, time after time;