I Know
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 Richard P. Crawford, Jr.; all right reserved.


contained within these photographs, I can see a trace of how my life used to be;

hidden away on an attic shelf, yellowed and forgotten with the time I begin to see;
that once my life was a fairytale, kept promises and wishing wells;

I was ready....for anything;

how long will it take for me to be;

someone Iíd be proud to say is me;

I know, I know; a little bit more about myself;

and I know, I know, I shouldnít be thinking about myself;
but when I look into the reflecting pool Iím still the only one I see;
I wish there was something else here for me;

curious nights into beautiful days, around the edges a lingering gray;

uncertainty, a withering;

when Iím alone I wish myself into fantasy worlds between heaven and hell
but none of that lasts, Iím lingering;

donít want to spend my whole life in this room;

afraid to breathe or make a move;

wasnít like a slow storm building;

it was a sudden and full awakening;

not like a heavy, belabored breathing;
more like a cleansing wind blew into my very soul;

and it saved my life and eased my troubled mind;

still so much I want to do with so little time;