Just Will Reach

lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

if you’re not sure where to start;

put your head before your heart;

when you finally reach the shore;

may you find peace at your door;                      

‘cause you’ve cried too often, too loudly, too soon to ever be consoled again;

and you wipe the sleep away to begin another day

throw your troubles to the wind;

holding the brass ring just out of reach;
see it there dangling in your hand;

frozen in our tracks we never do decide;  

a shadow creeps across the land;

and we pray that it may not be nearly over;

when we are brought into this world;

uncut diamonds, untarnished pearls;

we trust in trust until we realize;

we haven’t yet opened up our eyes;           

we’ve fallen too often, too far, and too soon; to ever be fooled again;       

the sun will clear away the fog from the bay;
that the fisher’s might see clearly within;