Lady Of The Lake

lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2010 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.


longing for the day I might find you;

we are all but blind in our darkness;

in another place and time we are still lost;

into a lonely piece of ground we all go;

lady of the lake, do I astound you?

lady of the lake, do I confound you?

lady of the lake I am your Son;

lady of the lake we are one;

mistrust and misdeeds all around us;

we had no idea until you found us;

foundering day to day amidst our schemes;

when we turn around we are gone;

He who goes into the light then casts his shadow down;

shall not reap what they might sow or hear the welcome sound;

what's it like to live in the sunlight?

we have only known the darkness;

surround me, surround you, surround me;

my lady; my lady; my lady; my lady;