Let Me Shake You Down
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

Let me be your fascination; let me answer your call;

Let me be your one true savior; let me be your one and all;
let me be the one you turn to when your momentum stalls;

I could break your fall;

It may not seem like everything; it may not seem like much;
but the love that Iíve always felt for you makes me want to protect you;
and keep you wherever you go; I just wanted you to know;

So come and let me shake you down to your foundation;

and I swear I will always be there to build you back up;

come and let the two be one in this old (long) revelation;

and Iíll be gone on the first train if I ever let you down; 

Let me be your shining example; let me in from the cold;

let me know your disappointments; let me help you from feeling cold;

let me be the one you turn to when your storyís been told;

Iíll be there to grab ahold;