lullaby sweet angel; lullaby sing it low;

lullaby through sleepy meadows to carry you home;

you have loved and played since daybreak;

now to rest and dream;

let peace and warmth surround you as you drift on moonbeams;

in the morning may we find you anew and worthy of;

a new day to discover your life, your heart, and your love;

lullaby little captain; lullaby your day is done;

lullaby through restful marshes where your dreams are spun;

you have climbed and conquered mountains;

battled beasts and lion's claws;

headlong into the evening now spent you pause;

in the morning may we greet you full of wonder and soul;

another day to adventure; to learn, to live, to grow;

in the silence of your night there's a hum;

a quiet peace you're dreaming of;

let the night carry you on the stars above;

and gently return morning dove;