May You Always
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 R.P. Crawford; all right reserved.

I see a well-versed holy man leading his sheep to the slaughter;

he may not have any answers for you;

break away and in the valley below you shall drink from the water;

soon you will know what you’re gonna do;

may you always smile (I love you);

may you always play;
in the brightest meadows soaked by the rain;

may you always stay;

I see a rainbow peeking its head over an ugly hill on the horizon;

a little hope is always better than none;

I get a feeling somewhere inside that tells me I ought to stop hiding;

I think you might be my chosen one;

be it a pastureland or a holy land there’s a danger around every corner;
and the danger lies in you not knowin’ what to do;

clear your head and listen to your heart the smokescreen’s already fadin’;

you will never be unknown if you love the truth;