lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 Richard P. Crawford, Jr.; all right reserved.

Do you remember, when I was a baby, you used to feed me, helped me become alive;                

and every morning, you worried about me, fretting about the dangers,

waiting for me outside;                           

I know you love me, even though I disappoint you; the biggest failure still shines in their Motherís eyes;
but please consider, a not so selfless manner; I want to know you too were happy before you die.

Even though now you have gone away from me, I live forever this gift that you have given me;          

and I know it wonít be easy having these memories 

but your heart still beats in mine for all the world to see     

love will be the cure of this I am sure

a motherís love will endure, steadfast and pure;        

Then there was something, we were told about you; youíre sun was setting, time to say goodbye;

and I wonít ever forget you, and try not to regret you; and Iíll try to keep you always in my mindís eye;

and I think you loved me, even when I wasnít with you; you were always for me, always on my side;

and whenever I think that Iím happy , Iíll remember how often you cried;                

I battle with cold bouts of bitter loneliness; trying to find my way back to the shore;   

a light then beckons plaintively through ochre mist;         

then I realize salvation was given me in the womb; 

and never shall I fear any more;