lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 R.P. Crawford; all right reserved.

Travelin’ Fred was a friend of mine, and he never let me down;

he filled the world with beauty and in his songs there could be found;
daily bread truth and honor for the world;

then I met a woman who’s laughter filled my soul but I had to let her down;

somehow along the way she never learned how to say;

anything that could make me whole;

You have poisoned the well; and it’s much too soon to tell;
to whom you would do malice, and in who’s heart you will dwell;
you have poisoned the well;

Back in the day there’s a place we used to go,  far from the beaten path;
we’d come early for the show and before we‘d even know;

we were better, one and all;
and then one day as I did lay, in the fields of velvet green;

a stranger came to town and tore our temple down;
and our lives have never been the same;

I ask you what you what you would do if all your roots were pulled out from under you?

now the skies are grey and I’m leaving here today, there’s nothing left to do, I feel sorry for you;