Precious Inside

in the first light of the morning you run as you rise;

and in the evening you turn and you hide;

seems you cannot make up your mind;

but you are steadily growin';

the breeze blows in the Summer and you alight;

once you know your time is ripe;

as the dewdrops shed from your sparkling eyes;

you will win every morning;

love and honor and peace and pride;

is all you will need for the rest of your life;

not to buckle when troubles arise;

for you have found heaven, you're precious inside;

and with each new Spring you rise and you shine;

as with each new Winter you whither on the vine;

with each new year you are stronger inside;

yes, you have conquered every mountain;

and at the end of your road there you will find;

an unfettered and satisfied mind;

and reap your reward and bounty in kind;

yes, you have crossed every ocean;