Quiet Lands

lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2011; by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.


in the quiet lands of Texas there's a wonder and a still;

and a presence of comfort through and through;

where the people are not busy and the stranger always will;

get the feeling that they're seeing things from a dreamy point of view;

when the locals salute the twilight out on their front porch swings;

when the clear skies and the working day are done;

the sleepy contemplation and the peace that knowing brings;

that you found a piece of heaven in the quiet evening sun;

oooh, leave my soul in these quiet lands to hide;

far away from the fray of the busy world outside;

let me get back to the sleepy place I love;

in the quiet lands of Texas that I've been dreaming of;

there comes a time for all of us when there's no need to roam;

when you know what you know and you live it each day;

you end all your battles and you find yourself a home;

and you let the world figure it out from far, far away;

do you hear a whisper on a lazy Summer day?

calling you to be swallowed up in that heavy, drowsy haze;

like a feeling that comes over you to get out of the way;

when you feel like you've played all of your games