Remain Together
(lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved)

will ya’ let me know when we’re in tune; sometimes I’m way ahead of you;

other times you’re way ahead of me; but most of the time I find that we agree;
we have dusted ourselves off and shared our closets; more than just a few dark secrets in there to be known;

we have cast our lots and drank of the poison;
we’ve lied to ourselves and let the truth be told;

always in my soul I’ll hold your passion; forever on that you may rely;

not to be undone by moments passin’; as long as we remain together inside;

abundantly we’ll stand through the years; then wake up one day and find our time is near;

we’ll leave here easy, the world will forget; as for me, I found heaven the moment we met;

leaving behind all the criticism and sorrow; the misunderstanding and the hate that caused your pain;

we have looked inside and found ourselves worthy; of the friendship and the knowledge we have gained;