Sad Words

lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2010 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

and who goes there?

my defenses come to life;

and who really cares?

crying along with the night;

the people stop and stare;

I cover my face and hide;

my soul laid bare;

give away what little's left inside, ohh

and I thought I saw a vision from eternity;

like sad, sad words that came from a memory;

that broke my heart and took the light inside of me;

now I'm just marking time;

and when gazes fall;

and lie in guttered streets;

I am a part of it all;

my tomorrows laid at my feet;

time's tattered shawl;

musings incomplete;

a cold comfort calls;

a solace bittersweet, ohh

as you and I mark off our calendars;

and grow old and wise;

may we not fall prey to reapers or scavengers;