lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2009 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.


in the morning there’s a reason why I’m happy in this place;

into the evening it still lingers this feeling of love, this peaceful taste;

feel I can finally let my pride down and ask someone for help;

’cause I’ve never really been true to myself, much less to anyone else;

and you’ve never let me down since all of this began;

you’re my life, you’re my salvation;

and there’s never been a better time for me to stop and make a stand;

or decide, what’s best for me;

and there’s never been a time such peace of mind took me by the hand

salvation, set me free;

when I think of all the trouble I’ve stared down face to face;

I can finally begin to realize there’s no more time to waste;

finally see I don’t have to live just for myself;

I can finally give to someone else and share what I’ve felt;

and I can finally come to terms with the things that I’ve done;

accepted by your salvation

with so many open roads and so many paths to take

It's a wonder I ever figured out what to do;

but I’ll never drink of the water or another promise make;

‘till I’ve raised my glass to you;