lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

most of the time down in this valley you can hear the people sing going from day to day;

and the rest of the time, back in the city, you can hear the people scream as they go along their way;

sometimes, I feel a lightness, I hear their echoes when I’m at peace

but other times, there is a silence, a silence so deep, deep inside of me;

and I think I hear you calling out to me;

but I can’t touch you through these walls;

this world that gives me silence will keep going on

guess I won’t amount to much after all;

a lot of times, I sit and watch all the people, they look like they’re happy, walking hand in hand

and all the lovers they have one another to keep each other warm at night, they couldn’t understand

that sometimes, I feel a presence, like there was an angel whispering in my ear

but even she can’t pierce this silence, this silence so deep has she abandoned me?

and I think I hear her calling out to me;

but I can’t reach her through the fog;

maybe she could lead me back to where I belong;

maybe she can help make some sense of it all;

and the silence is the only thing left to hear, the quiet deafens my ears;

but I don’t have anywhere left to fall; the silence drives before it one and all; I can‘t hear a thing;