Stirling Bridge
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

When we came of age near Stirling bridge, we were determined to a man;

I was called the sin of my family’s pride, a bastard in this land;
we came to face King Edward’s pride, united in our clans;
to save the honor of Scotland Free or to die where we stand;

though I did not hail from the Wallace line, we gave issue to the man;
whom one day would a martyr be made by England’s iron hand;
we bided our time at the river Forth out of sight of the narrow bridge;
when the English had committed themselves we came heavy from ‘oer the ridge;

to defend a point of honor, or to follow a charismatic man;
are we being led to a slaughter, just a part of some fool’s plan?

no I do not recall the last time that I saw my brother alive;
I was told he fell down by the river, taking many before he died;
I shall carry his soul back to the Highlands, I will console his children and his wife;
do not parlay with the dagger lest ye are answered with the knife;