Strong Like A River 

we are strong like a river, that passeth understanding;

flowing through our lives taking us which way we go;

and we're weak like a flower, dancing in a tempest;

shaped and formed by forces we don't even know;

and you are strong like a mountain, a solid rock to count on;

an anchor on which I can hang my hopes and dreams;

but you are weak like a child, and I love you for your frailty;

comfort and strength is not all that it seems;

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed say; do for others and go along your way;

weak or strong it's all the same; kismet, karma, yin or yang;

I was strong like an eagle, soaring through the heavens;

looking down on all the pain and troubles passing by;

and I was weak like a sparrow, sapped by privation;

lookin for succor and pie in the sky;

and love is strong like forever, rolling like the thunder;

brightening and blessing everything in its path;

but love is weak like a dewdrop, with painful pitfalls;

still all in all the only real thing you'll ever have;