Thanks To You

lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 R.P. Crawford; all right reserved.

somewhere in the distance there’s a place I see;

where the rusty ball and chain waits for me;

I have no place to go, no place to hide my eyes;

when the black nightmares  they start to creep inside;

taking over my dreams and making me look away

how much closer to the pain will I get today;

but maybe if ‘ya let me tell you all the things I think I know

maybe you can tell me if I should stay the night, or if I should go;

Ain’t it funny how we feel inside

like a couple of has-beens, yesterday’s news;

but I no longer want to run and hide;
there’s one too many pebbles in my shoes

thanks to you...I finally saw the light
thanks to you, this might turn out alright;
and hope is all I’ll ever ask for
now there’s a chance that I won’t have to die alone;
thanks to you;

There was a quiet place hidden beneath a smoky lake;                                                   
rolling into the distance, no more love to make;                                   
the lightnin’ roars and I think of you;                                  
need more time to try and think this through;
I believed in you, you believed in me;
none of that matters much now from what I can see;
but if you let me into your dreams some rainy day;
maybe you can tell me if I should come over tonight, or if I should go away;