The Piper, Who Calls The New Day
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2009 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.


If you hold out for me a candle; then I might find my way;
Then forswear ever to gamble; my future again someday;
And if the dew remains in the meadows; and your heart did ever I stir;
You may guide me from these shadows; that ye may lead me through this world;

and the rainbows go on forever;
And the piper, who calls the new day;
beckons that ye shall follow;

Along your troubled way;

if my life could be but merry; all my nights and all my days;
I could be to others a candle; and help them come what may;
as the mist surrounds the mountains; so shall my heart unknown;

hold you in safe harbor; never more to hunt alone;

If I could but speak in riddles;
carve magic circles, speak in tongues;
 I should never be forgiven;
had not I your honor won;
 and the piper calls the new day; the piper calls the sun;
oh, piper call the new day; gather everyone;