Until The End
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 R.P. Crawford; all right reserved.

we live in a place called the Heartland; self reliant, hand in hand;

no complaints, all in all Id say; a firm foundation in the land;

we lost everything; our harvest turned to blood;

and Id give anything; to get my family out of that flood;

we raised Johnny to believe in himself; God and Country, lemonade stands;

remember the first time he called me Dad?; remember his tiny, little hands?;

but we lost everything; an oil companys black gold whore;

and Id give anything; to bring my boy back from that war;

lead me safely back to the shore, let me in through your front door;

when the rain begins to pour; I want you to know youre the one Im waiting for;

my friend, until the end, then well settle the score;