lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard Crawford. All rights reserved.

calling all the sinners out tonight; it’s a good enough reason to unite;

can’t get enough done day to day and the lying-in season’s upon us anyway;

I move towards the ever shining light;

the first traces of morning come into sight;
we hold our breath at the children‘s wishes their vigil endures the night;

may all their Christmases be bright;

there’s a thousand golden halos out tonight; and a million flickering stars up in the sky;

I get on my knees and I pray that all the bad things will go away;

forget all your troubles and your fright;

everything’s gonna be alright;

mend all your fences so the little ones just might;

have a wondrous and peaceful Christmas night;

pull the blankets tightly warm in your bed;

dreaming Christmas visions in your head;