What Kind Of Love
lyrics and accompanying music copyright 2008 by Richard P. Crawford, Jr.; All rights reserved.

I woke up this morning, the sleep was in my eyes;
bit I wasnít so blind I couldnít see;
that the reason I bother to wake up at all;

is knowing that youíre in love with me;

you gave me all your glory, you gave me a break;

and now my life will never be the same;

now when Iím out hustling I donít even have to try;

Ďcause Iím already ahead of the game;

tell me, what kind of love, what kind of love;

any kind of love you give to me;
baby, youíre kind of love fits me like a glove;
and the best kind of loveís still yet to be;

Letís go write a story; letís go write a book;

all about the way things are gonna be;

but letís leave everyone guessing and never write the end;

no, weíll save that part for you and me;

Say goodbye to loneliness;

constant companion, my best friend;

I found a haven where I can take my rest;
Iíll stand no discomfort but the love you send;