When You Talk To Angels

when you wake up in the morning; are there still stars in your eyes?

are you ready to seize the moment? and give it another try;

or do you sigh and grumble; wondering what it's all about?

the confusion makes you weary; and the heartache wears you out;

find a light and let it in; something to get you through the night;

without a single tear in your eyes;

when you talk to angels; do you get an answer?

do they show you heaven? or is that just in your mind?

we can find together, everything we hope for;

we don't need a solution; the journey is enough;

when you get home in the evening; are you lonely and tired?

do you feel the weight of the world; leaves something to be desired?

do you go to bed with your troubles, wrapped around you like a knot?

do you find that all your faith and dreams, are not quite what you thought?

the worst to come has already been; and the dawn will find you by and by;

there's no reason to cry;

lift your soul up from the floor; and lay it down right here;

there's no darkness any more; the clouds have disappeared;