Within These Walls 

within these walls, there is a story; of times that came before;

and they whisper every secret; then are heard from, nevermore

yet somehow still resounds, gentle chord

within these place, there is a feeling;

a timeless connection to us all

where the exile and the outcast might stand once again when they fall

and return to our hearts when we call;

and I meant to come around and tell you 

how the light from heaven shines in your eyes

and I will go down to my bended knee and offer you to be mine;

within these walls, there is a friendship;

a kindred balance and a song;

that sings to us all its praises;

a legacy when we are gone; to refrain through the night all along;

within this house, there is a family;

a loving place for everyone;

where the tranquil remain together;

and their legends and stories are spun; may you never undo what's been done;

and I meant to come around and show you 

how two lonely souls might touch the sky 

and ask of you to come with me that we might share our lives;