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Dear Acoustalyn band members: It is true, my family and I live near to Versailles, France : it is very kind of you to notice that !! However one of my sisters and her familiy live near to Boston (Natick). I remember that I hear your music first at the Irish and Celtic podcast : our whole family (9 children) was in love with your particular sound and way of singing (on Youtube too). Your LPs are amazing. Sometimes, we dream that we may in live in Texas !!! Thank you for your music - BenoîtđRoselyne

I attended Trinity United of Niederwald's annual BBQ May 16, and heard you guys sing and play.  WOW!  Exceptional lyrics and music and what beautiful voices. There was a lot of conversation and chaos in the building with the rain, etc., but your talent came through quite clearly regardless.  Your character did too.  A lot of musicians would have been insulted that so much was going on around them, but you guys just kept such a positive and calm and humble attitude.  When I heard your talent, I couldn't believe you would be donating your time for the church like that.  That alone made me take a second look and listen to your group.   I definitely plan to buy your CD and tell others about you! - Cheryl W. Niederwald, TX



The whole event was a huge success even though it probably didn't look like it from your end.  From reports that I received from the patrolling rangers, the entire park heard and loved you.  I visited with the "Airstream" folk who were in the dining hall next door and they said that you had their entire hall in rapture... seriously.

Frank E. President, Friends of McKinney Falls State Park


    I saw Acoustalyn recently at a local coffee shop and was refreshingly impressed; how long it has been since I was able to go out and see and hear a live performance that, when I left for the evening, stayed pleasantly in my mind, leaving me with something to hum along to and actually recall. Far too many groups have I witnessed where, in the end, I could recall little or nothing of their actual music. The music of Acoustalyn is memorable- notwithstanding the fact that their music can actually move you, the melodies of most of the songs actually stay with you after (for me, personally, long after) the last note is struck. In these days of piecemeal melodies and sophomoric lyrical endeavors, Acoustalyn is a refreshing call back to other days, when songwriters actually wrote songs and seemed to at least try to say something of note, not just muster up something four to five minutes in length with no other apparent purpose in mind other than to fill up another section of compact disc space. Highly recommended!

Ray Lomas, Esq.
Blackpool, England


   I saw Acoustalyn at Austin Java on Barton Springs.They are wonderful! Easy listening and very entertaining. Richard, the songwriter is extremely talented and the wonderful voices that accompany the music shows the mixture to be pure pleasure. I plan to see them often and wish them great success!!!

S. Seymour

Austin, Texas


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